Selected Loops nr.4
Q2 2019
In the quest of requiring new skills I do Seamless Kinetic 3D loops. I post one loop every week on my Instagram, please have a look to see my most recent work. Enjoy!

 - Paralympic Power - Sound by @darwoodmusic
- Curvy Climb - Sound by @olga.wojciechowska
- Wobbler Weight - Heavy tune by @olga.wojciechowska
Colliding Cubes - Sound by @darwoodmusic
- Workout Wheel - Sound by @darwoodmusic
- Spinning Soap- Sound by @darwoodmusic
- Wankel Whiplash - Sound by @darwoodmusic
- Tapping Tiger - Sound by @darwoodmusic

- East Left - Sound by @simonappel 

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