Microsoft Office Hub 2.0

Introducing Microsoft Office’s new Hub, we developed a video explaining the updates on the UI and its capabilities.

Office means creation, it's the place to resume work in progress, it's where you can find all your stuff, it's keeping track while also working across Windows, mobile and web from everywhere. A custom and personalized experience for a great audience.

​​​​​​​With simplicity and power as our lighthouse concepts that guide our film, we aimed to show the App as a clarifying experience.

We designed this abstract but real-looking world where UI is integrated and things on set are organized neatly, aligned, measured in a seamless calm. Colors, rhythm and flow make the video dynamic and pleasing to see. A balance between all your work & creations. A modern office where you find all your favorite tools, assembled in one place.

We follow the cursor on a journey through the app featuring its interaction with the UI and other elements for a touch of joy and liveliness across the scenes.

The main challenge was to show the UI in a simple way, keeping it clean and decluttered. Plenty of white spaces while balancing the palette with bits of saturated colors that represent the spectrum of apps Office reunites.

We wanted the furniture not only to complement the space but also to elevate the environment and describe the vibe of the app and the personality of users. A modern office that captures the brand graphic resources, Fresh and clean, with details that represent something being folded, moving, living, inspired on the Office icon.

Compositions emphasize the cleanliness of the new Office app, helping users have their work and files organized and easy to find.

The scenes describe and represent the seamless calm of having things organized, where everything feels just right.

Night and day setups for the contextualization of light and dark modes, featuring adaptability across web, windows, iOS and Android.

And finally some of the early R&Dexplorations with materials, simulations and abstract compositions.

Directed by NotReal

Creative Direction: Valeria Moreiro, Milton Gonzalez 
Executive Production: Roberto Connolly 
Art Direction: Flor Tasso
Animation Direction: Sergio Fuego

Line Producer: Lucila Mansur, Joana Cabrera 
Storyboard Artist: Joana Cabrera

3D Design: Flor Tasso, Alberto Carbonell, Linus Zoll, Josefina Llano, Vitor Teixeira, Carolina Carballo, Davide Rubini, Valeria Moreiro
2D Design: Manuela Caceres, Joana Cabrera

3D Animation: Sergio Fuego, Oscar Pettersson, Macarena Mosquera, Juampi Sciaccaluga, Carol Erique, Milton Gonzalez
2D Animation: Joana Cabrera. 
Simulations: Edvin Cindrak, Simon Fiedler

Rendering: Sergio Fuego
Composition & Color Grading: Milton Gonzalez 

Sound Design: Zelig Sound

Client: Microsoft 
Microsoft Team: Nando Costa, Anna Davies, Gretchen Thomas. 

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